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THiNK art zine

I`ve been tossing around the idea of making an art zine, and finally got around to thinking it through.

THiNK will be an art zine full of submissions from artists all over the world. The main idea of this zine is to get their name out there and help struggling artists promote themselves and their work, along with their ideas and views.

- paper size will be 8.5 by 14 inches, so please try to keep one page submissions 8.5 x 7 inches, or two page submissions 8.5 x 14.
- there are two ways to submit. Either send the image to, or smail mail it to:

PO Box 2001
Abingdon, Va. 24210

& i will scan it in myself.
- I will not be able to return submissions unless you pay for shipping. If you would like to help with the costs of printing [copies will be printed in color, which is very expensive], you can choose to have your original artwork sold in my distro Avocado Tree Distro.
- i will go through submissions and pick which ones will be featured in the zine. Artwork features in the zine will get full credit, so please include your name, and additional contact info [address, websites, etc.]
- the first deadline for submissions will be March 31st. This will be a quarterly zine, so the following deadlines are June 31st, September 31st, & December 31st.
- everyone who submits will get a discount on a copy, and everyone who is featured will get a free copy of the issue.

if you have any other questions, please e-mail me at, or leave a comment here.

I just created a new e-mail accound specifically for the zine [], and a livejournal for it. THiNK Art Zine. Add that one if you want to keep up with whats going on, and send all submissions to the new address.
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